Starting in November 2018, we are moving YouTrack InCloud to a new per-usage pricing model. Learn more about the new model.

YouTrack InCloud Pricing

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with cloud based issue tracking for your team

1 - 3 users

full-featured tracker
for small teams


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4 - 100 users

for medium
and growing teams

$5* $4.17*

per user/
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101+ users? We have a discount for you!

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Robust Security and User Management for All Plans

Enjoy a comprehensive set of user management tools including single sign-on support for SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect, LDAP, and other third-party authentication services. Plus a stack of security features that keep your data safe, all provided by default no matter what the size of your team.

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$5 $4.17 /User
$4 $3.33 /User
$3 $2.5 /User
$2 $1.67 /User
$1 $0.83 /User

Average price per user: $4.40


Average price per user: $3.67

*The price is provided in US dollars ($) for now for informative use only. The prices in euros (€), pounds (£), and Czech koruna (Kč) are coming soon.

Annual “True-Up” Billing

At the beginning of the year, you purchase a certain number of users.

Throughout the year you may add more users. YouTrack tracks the maximum number of users each month. At the end of the year, we will charge you for the total number of extra users added each month, according to the monthly pricing.

Monthly Subscriptions

We charge at the end of each month according to the maximum number of user accounts registered in the system during the month. Banned user accounts are not included in the calculation.


How do we calculate the price?

With the new pricing model you always pay the same price for a certain number of users. The first 3 users are always free. If you have 4 users, you pay only for the 4th user.


The price per new user decreases to $4 for each user added after the 100th, then to $3 for each user added after the 200th user, $2 for each user added after the 300 user, and $1 for every user added after the 400th user. With an annual subscription, you also save 2 months of costs.

For example, you have

125 users

3 users
x $0
97 users
x $5
x $4.17
25 users
x $4
x $3.33


$4.68 average price per user


$3.90 average price per user

Storage Limits

1 USER = 1 GB

If your storage is used more actively than the user accounts, you will pay for what is used more, either users or storage. The same pricing is applied to storage limits, as to the number of users.

Existing Customers

We will continue to support the current plans for existing customers. You will be able to prolong your subscription for your current plan as long as you wish, but you won’t be able to upgrade your current plan to increase the number of users with one of the old plans. You are welcome to switch to the new model at any time and get 3 months for free with the annual billing option.

New Free Plan

The new pricing model introduces a new free plan for up to 3 users, which includes private projects. You are welcome to switch to the new free plan from the old Free plan or commercial plan, if you have 3 users or less, when a new pricing model is activated.