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Free for teams of 10, forever

YouTrack is a universal project management system trusted by 65,000+ teams worldwide.

YouTrack key advantages

Unrestricted functionality

  • All YouTrack features and full support are provided for all license types, including the free plan for 10 users.
  • YouTrack comes with Gantt planning charts, timesheets, wiki-style knowledge base, powerful automation, and comprehensive reporting as standard.

Outstanding flexibility

  • Workspace options for technical and non-technical teams make YouTrack easy to deploy across an entire organization.
  • Powerful automation enables deep customization of YouTrack to support specific business processes.

Premium features as standard

  • Interactive Gantt charts for project planning and visualization.
  • Knowledge Base for document authoring and management.
  • Timesheets per project, team, and user.
  • Powerful automation with scripting and visual editor.
  • Comprehensive reporting on all aspects of team and project performance.
  • These and many more features are constantly in active development.

Hosting and licensing options

  • YouTrack is available with cloud or server hosting, and you can migrate from one to the other at any time.
  • Server licenses are perpetual; Cloud licensing is flexible with monthly or discounted annual payment schemes.

Check out this detailed comparison of YouTrack, Jira, and Trello for more information.

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