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Key features


  • Manage your Projects, Tasks, and Knowledge Base in one tool.

Choosing between YouTrack Lite or Classic

  • YouTrack Lite is the new streamlined, customizable workspace designed to help members of your team focus on their most important tasks and boost their productivity.
  • YouTrack Classic is packed with additional features for software development teams, including extensive keyboard support, the ability to view VCS changes in issues, and time tracking.

Built-in Knowledge Base

  • Create a public knowledge base and keep all your important internal documentation with your tasks and projects.

Working with issues

  • Use intuitive smart search with autocomplete to find issues quickly.
  • Keep up to date with event notifications on new issue updates, mentions, and comments.
  • Open up communication with your team with emoji-reactions everyone can understand.
  • Work with the confidence that any issue drafts you create will not be lost if you accidentally close your browser.
  • Tweak the images that you attach to issues to clarify any uncertainty.

Agile Boards

  • Customize your Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban Agile Boards to your specific processes.
  • Create boards with multiple projects, add swimlanes based on user stories, epics, deadlines, or other fields, and merge columns when needed.
  • Enjoy real-time updates on your Agile Boards.
  • Track progress with Burndown and Cumulative flow charts on your Agile Boards.
  • Plan the future development of your project with a flexible backlog.

Multiple reports

  • Keep track of your project, team, and personal progress using dozens of extensive predefined reports. Monitor how your issues are distributed over the projects, assignees, and priorities.

Shareable dashboards

  • Get an overview of your projects with dashboards that you can share with your team, so everyone knows what’s going on.

Time management

  • Use time management on a per-project basis to control the estimated and actual time spent on various activities by each member of the team, and over the team as a whole.

Mobile app

  • Manage your tasks on the go with the YouTrack Mobile App, available for Android and iOS.

Customizable workflows

  • Automate the lifecycle of issues according to your needs. Create workflows from scratch directly in the issue tracker.

Free version

  • Use the free fully functional YouTrack InCloud and Standalone versions for up to 10 users, forever.

InCloud or Standalone

  • Use InCloud or Standalone versions of YouTrack with our flexible pricing options.

This information is valid as of January 2021. Get more information on issue tracker comparisons.

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