Experimental Features

Starting from YouTrack 2017.2 you can enable experimental features for your InCloud instance or Standalone installation. These features are in early or intermediate stages of development. This strategy lets us get feedback for a feature as we work on it, learning more about what you want to see in the final product.

If you are an administrator, simply enable the features you want to try on the Feature Configuration page. This page shows the features that you can enable system-wide and other features that you can enable for specific groups.

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Workflows in JavaScript

You can experiment with our built-in web-based workflow editor. This editor lets you write workflows in JavaScript instead of the domain-specific language that is used in the previous workflow editor. This new feature lets you write a workflow from scratch right in YouTrack.
You can also write a workflow in any IDE that supports JavaScript, pack it into a ZIP file and upload it to YouTrack. We’ve also added support for action rules, which let you add actions that can be applied as commands. The new editor supports custom scripts, which lets you write shared blocks of code that you can reference in multiple workflows.

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Activity Stream

YouTrack 2017.2 introduces the first version of the activity stream. This functionality replaces the tab interface in issue views for comments, history, linked issues, similar issues, time tracking, and VCS changes. These components are merged into a single stream that you can filter to display specific types of activities. In the current version, you can add work item and comments in the issue preview mode on Agile board. You can also apply filters to display either work items or comments separately.

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