YouTrack can connect to a growing number of external systems, including popular third-party VCS, code repositories, test management platforms, and task tracking applications, as well as other JetBrains tools.

The fully documented open REST API allows you to create your own integrations with other products and services.

JetBrains IDEs

Integration with IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, WebStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, CLion and Rider allows you to manage tasks directly from your IDE and helps you maintain focus by reducing context switching.

You can track time, analyze stack traces, link tasks to VCS commits, and apply YouTrack commands to issues without leaving your IDE.

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Upsource code review

Easily navigate between issues in YouTrack and code reviews in Upsource, and create new tasks based on reviews. Synchronized user authentication makes the whole experience seamless.

Build server integrations

Integrations with JetBrains TeamCity, GitLab CI/CD, and Jenkins help development teams by reducing duplicated effort and automating routine operations. Build server integrations can automatically assign build numbers and update the status of YouTrack issues, run commands on issues referenced in commit messages, synchronize changes with VCS, and more.

VCS integrations

GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Bitbucket Server, Gogs, and Gitea integrations let you view information about linked pull requests and commits on the issue page in YouTrack, update YouTrack issues with data from your VCS, and more.

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Test management

Integrations with TestRail, TestLodge, TestLink, and PractiTest can link issues to test cases, automatically create new issues in YouTrack when tests fail, and more.

Time tracking

Integrations with Tmetric, PomoDone, TimeBro, and other popular time tracking applications help ensure that billable time is always accurately measured and recorded.

Messaging clients


Integration with Slack allows you to receive YouTrack notifications via direct messages or in a specified Slack channel, and enables Slack to unfurl YouTrack links to display previews with issue descriptions.


You can work with your tasks and articles in Telegram. Install a YouTrack bot to get notified about the tasks and articles you are subscribed to. You can also create or update issues and articles with commands, add comments to issues and articles, and pin issues as discussions in Telegram chat.


Receive YouTrack notifications over Jabber. Send search queries to YouTrack from Jabber and YouTrack will reply with a list of matching issues.



The Mailbox integration turns YouTrack into a customer service portal by converting incoming emails into issues and sending comments and update notifications as email replies to the original sender. Further replies from the customer are added to the issue as comments. This lets you communicate with your external customers via YouTrack without having to create extra user accounts for them.


Create YouTrack issues from Zendesk tickets, with all fields synchronized from Zendesk to YouTrack. Your first-line support team can focus on communicating with customers in Zendesk, while engineers discuss and resolve issues in YouTrack.

User authentication

Log in to YouTrack using your Google, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket Cloud, Active Directory, Yahoo, AOL, OpenID, LDAP, or even Jira credentials.

SAML 2.0 support lets you use your YouTrack account to log in to other services.


Connect your on-premises YouTrack to a Confluence server to insert dynamic links that display YouTrack issue states in Confluence pages. You can also add reports to Confluence pages based on YouTrack search queries.