JetBrains Team Tools

For a truly integrated working environment, consider connecting YouTrack to Upsource, our code review tool, and TeamCity, a continuous integration server. This is done with Hub, a brand new user & permission management system by JetBrains. YouTrack 6.0 and later comes with Hub embedded.

JetBrains TeamCity

Integrate YouTrack with TeamCity to synchronize your issues with the changes made in a specific build in TeamCity. For example, an issue can be fixed automatically by mentioning its ID in a TeamCity change comment, and the build number is then added automatically in YouTrack. All changes made via TeamCity are displayed on the VCS Changes tab, also indicating the committer.

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  • Create and modify issues, and perform other operations programmatically, to seamlessly integrate YouTrack into your environment. For example, use automated issue submission from third-party applications.
  • Import issues from your current bug tracking system for a smoother migration to YouTrack.
  • Manipulate projects, users, groups, roles, issue link types, and custom attributes.

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Get notifications from YouTrack in your Jabber client, and communicate with YouTrack via Jabber messages:

  • Send search queries from Jabber and receive the list of issues you need in a Jabber message.

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Version Control Systems

YouTrack integrates with most VCS via TeamCity. When you type any command in a commit comment, it is applied to the issue linked with that commit. For example, use comment like #JT-123 in progress to set issue #JT-333 to In Progress state.

Use the free TeamCity version as a bridge between YouTrack and your VCS. Simply create at least one build configuration in TeamCity and make sure that TeamCity lists your commits. You don't even need to build anything.

JetBrains IDEs

YouTrack can integrate with IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, WebStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, CLion, Rider, and AppCode. Manage your tasks, features and bugs right from the IDE. Browse the list of your issues and correlate it with VCS commits. You can also track time, analyze stacktrace and apply commands directly from your IDE.

For example, set an issue as an active task, and press Ctrl + Shift + Y (Control + Shift + Y on macOS) to start using a command window.

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Link your YouTrack instance to your Slack workspace and get the most out of both applications. Users can divert their YouTrack notifications from email to Slack and view all of their YouTrack updates as direct messages.

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GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Bitbucket Server, Gogs, and Gitea

Thanks to native GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Bitbucket Server, Gogs, and Gitea integrations you can:

  • Type any YouTrack command in a commit comment and have it applied to the mentioned issue. For example, use comment like #JT-333 fixed to set issue #JT-333 to Fixed state.
  • Use commit hashes in YouTrack issues to provide direct links to Bitbucket/Gitlab commits.
  • View changes on a specific VCS Changes block.
  • Filter issues that contain VCS changes with the search query has:{vcs changes}.

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One-click Jira Import

Import your Jira projects with all their histories, watchers lists, voters, custom fields, reporters, assignees, comments, attachments, and even work items. Simply provide YouTrack with the link to your Jira, your login and your password, and that's it! YouTrack will create a group for your Jira assignees, and add users for your Jira reporters. This import supports Jira 5+.

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Track the time you and your team spend on various activities, including YouTrack issues. Start the timer when you begin working on the issue and stop it when you’re done, or simply restart it when you move on to the next issue. TMetric summarizes the time spent and creates nice personal and team time reports.

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Test Management Tools


Enter YouTrack issue IDs in test results. Issue IDs are automatically linked to YouTrack. TestRail can also be configured to link to New Issue page to make it easier for testers to submit new issues.

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Create an issue in YouTrack automatically every time a test case fails in TestLodge. Details such as description, steps to reproduce, expected result and actual result are all submitted to YouTrack. Each failed test case is then linked directly to the created ticket.

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Link the test case execution results in TestLink with the appropriate issue created in YouTrack. The New Issue form can also be accessed right from TestLink.

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Create an issue right from a failed test case, and link existing issues to test case steps. When you create an issue from PractiTest, summary and description are pre-filled from the test case description.

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Share Zendesk tickets with YouTrack. Simply initiate a sharing invite from Zendesk and accept it from YouTrack. When you share a ticket, a new issue is created in YouTrack automatically.

Any changes in shared issues will then be synchronized between Zendesk and YouTrack. You can use the integration-specific links to quickly open the relevant Zendesk ticket right from the issue in YouTrack.

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Communicate with your customers via YouTrack issues, without creating additional user accounts. When a customer emails your support team, YouTrack automatically creates a new issue and stores the reporter email. As support engineers add comments or update the issue, the customer is notified via email, and vice versa, all customer email replies are automatically added as new issue comments.

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Authentication Modules

Log in to YouTrack using your Google, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket Cloud, Active Directory, Yahoo, AOL, OpenID, LDAP or even Jira credentials. All you need to do is configure the appropriate authentication module.

SAML 2.0 Support

Use your YouTrack profile to log in to external services that support SAML 2.0 authentication.

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Connect your YouTrack Stand-alone with Atlassian Confluence to insert dynamic links into Confluence pages to visually reflect YouTrack issue states. Add reports to Confluence pages based on YouTrack search queries.

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OpenSearch Support for Chrome, Firefox and IE

OpenSearch format allows you to search in YouTrack from your browser's address field. For example, type for:me #unresolved in your browser's search bar to see the list of all open issues that are assigned to you.

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