Onboarding Pack


Tips for new users

We've added an assortment of tips to the most commonly used pages in the application. These little hints help new users find their way around YouTrack and can be used to help introduce undiscovered features to more experienced users.

To try them for yourself, open the Help menu and select Tips for New Users.

Demo project

Demo project

We've added support for a pre-configured demo project. The project contains sample issues that help you become more familiar with key features in YouTrack. The demo project also includes a collection of agile boards and reports, as well as a dashboard.

Use the demo projects to onboard new users or as a template for setting up projects to track your own issues.



YouTrack’s import wizard lets you set up continuous imports from Jira and GitHub. You can also extract issues from other trackers, like Mantis and Redmine, migrate your tasks and projects from one YouTrack instance to another, and import your knowledge base from Confluence to keep all your team’s assets in one place.

For projects imported from Jira, where a history of VCS changes is used, you can now rely on seeing the history of commit messages and pull requests from an integration with GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket in your imported issues.

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