Slack + YouTrack

Collaborate and communicate as a Team. Boost your productivity using Slack and YouTrack integration!

Stay on Top of Updates

Receive YouTrack notifications in Slack as direct messages.

Get an Overview of Issues

When you post an issue link to a channel, a preview is attached to the message. The app shows the issue ID and summary as a link and displays the description.

Minimize the Routine

Want to quickly report an issue from a message? Create issue drafts from Slack messages directly in YouTrack.

How to Install the YouTrack App for Slack?

1. In YouTrack, go to the Global Settings page and click “Integrate with Slack”.

2. Using the drop-down list, select the Slack workspace where you want to install the app.

3. Review the list of permissions that the YouTrack app requires from Slack, and then click the Authorize button.

Take your team to the next level of communication

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