YouTrack Workflows

Workflows are sets of rules that define and automate the life cycles of issues in projects. You can create workflows that automatically remind you about upcoming deadlines, update fields and assign issues according to specified conditions, create recurring issues at specific dates and times, and much more.

Built-in workflows

Built-in workflows

YouTrack comes with a selection of workflows to support typical team processes. There are workflows that can close the parent issue when all its subtasks are resolved, raise issue priority after a certain time period, manage duplicate issues, track time spent, and much more.

We also maintain a workflow repository where you can find even more ready-made workflows to automate your processes.

Workflow Constructor

Custom workflows

Create your own workflows in YouTrack’s Workflow Constructor or code them in JavaScript in the built-in editor, and have YouTrack automate everything exactly the way you want.

In addition to detailed documentation, we have a dedicated workflow channel in our YouTrack Community in Slack where you can discuss ideas and get help from our team and other community members.