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Key features

Smart Search with autocompletion

Use intuitive smart search with autocompletion to find issues in no time. For example, use for: me #unresolved priority: major query to find all the unresolved major issues assigned to you.

Agile Boards

Use Scrum, Kanban or Scrumban agile boards to organize your process.

Real time update on Agile Boards

Move issues on the board, edit or modify them and never waste your time refreshing the page to see the latest updates.

Merge columns

Track issues from multiple projects on one board. Put cards with different states in one column.

Burndown and Cumulative flow charts on Agile Board

Track the progress of your team directly on the board.


Modify multiple issues at once using commands. For example, change issue types, priorities or assignees and more simply by using a command window.

Notifications based on smart search

Get event notifications: subscribe to issue updates, votes, comments, tags.


Plan the future of your project development with the flexible backlog. Drag and drop issues, edit and modify them.

Issue Drafts

Create drafts and never worry about accidentally closing your browser. You can always pick up right where you left off!

Customizable workflows

Automate the lifecycle of issues according to your needs. Create workflows from scratch directly in the issue tracker.

IDE plugin

Use the YouTrack integration plugin to interact with issues without leaving your favorite IDE.

Image editor

Tweak the images that you attach to the issues: crop, add highlights, blur areas.

Cloud or Standalone

Use InCloud or a Standalone version to run it on your server behind the firewall.

Free version

YouTrack provides a flexible approach to project management. YouTrack brings a wide range of features for every team member, such as smart search queries with auto-completion, commands, issue drafts, integration with your favorite development tools, and much more.

Annual pricing for YouTrack InCloud

Use an issue tracker your team will love and save your company money!

Migrate from Jira to YouTrack with ease

Import projects from Jira with one click!
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