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Collaborate with your teammates on Agile Boards. Follow Scrum, Kanban or mixed processes to visualize your team’s progress. Use the backlog to prioritize your issues. See changes that are applied on the board or in the backlog in real time.


Use smart search queries with completion to find anything you need in no time. Type for: me #Unresolved to get all unresolved issues assigned to you. Use handy shortcuts just like in JetBrains IDEs to speed up your daily routine.


With YouTrack, you can create multiple dashboards with reports, notes and other widgets. Share them with your team and other groups of users anytime.


Customize YouTrack to suit your needs. Use existing workflows or create your own. Integrate YouTrack with your favorite IDEs, TeamCity, version control systems, and Upsource to save your time on issue management.


Accidently closed the tab while creating an issue? Rely on YouTrack, it has drafts. Open an issue you were working on in an issue list or on Agile Board anytime, and it will be right there.


Migrate easily from other issue management tools. Use one-click JIRA import to start your YouTrack project right away.


Stay connected with your team anywhere. Access your issues and tasks from your pocket.


  • Fix bugs from GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket commits
  • Work with issues from your IDE

YouTrack is designed for
every member of your team

QA and Testers

  • Link issues with test cases from PractiTest, TestLink, TestRail and TestLodge
  • Link TeamCity builds to bugs


  • Comfortably work with attachments
  • Embed image previews in comments


  • Measure work with time tracking
  • Enjoy powerful reporting and analytics
  • Customize your workflows

Support Engineers

  • Use the mailbox integration to convert your customer emails to issues
  • Integrate with Zendesk
Develop great things together. YouTrack is always there for you.

YouTrack is free

For small teams


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