for Designers

When you work in the design team, you need to find a balance between creativity and routine like communications with your team and keeping your to-do list organized. It’s important to keep the upcoming tasks structured and get feedback on time so you never miss a deadline.

Organize the tasks for your team

  • Use the Agile Board to manage issues assigned to the members of your team. Define rows as the assignee field to see the scope of tasks assigned to each designer and distribute the tasks equally.
  • Create a custom workflow that will reflect the process that is applied to your team. You can make a workflow that will automatically assign tasks based on special conditions. For example, if the type of the issue is a banner, the task can be assigned to a specific person that is responsible for banners creation.
  • Set different colors for the priority field to see what’s important at first glance.

Make your work with issues smooth

  • Comfortably work with attachments - add images to issues and in the comments section.
  • Use the built in image-editor to effortlessly tweak the image on the spot: crop, add highlights and text, and blur any areas.
  • Use @mention to ask your colleagues for feedback.
  • Change issue state to let others know whether it’s in progress, waiting for review or fixed. You can add as many states as you need.
  • Use the smart search with auto-completion to find issues quickly. For example, for: me #unresolved, due date {this week} will find unresolved issues assigned to you that should be done this week.

Never miss a deadline

  • Create a personal board with your issues and use date-based swimlanes to keep track of issues that are due today, tomorrow, this week, next week, and so on.
  • Set a due date to get email notifications about a deadline. You can also create a custom workflow and set a date for the notification, for example, it is possible to be reminded about an approaching due date 5 days in advance.

Check out how the Design team at JetBrains organize their work using Agile Boards.

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