for Software Development teams

As a developer, you don’t want to fight with thousands of distractions, your attention should be purely on the code and solving the big interesting issues. YouTrack helps you organize your process and save time on processing the tasks and bugs.

Quickly manage your issues

  • Find issues in no time using smart search with auto-completion.
  • Use commands to change issue states, assignees and any other values.
  • Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to create, edit, comment and navigate between issues.
  • The YouTrack Integration Plugin lets you interact with issues without leaving your favorite IDE.
  • Integrate with version control systems: reference to the issue ID in the commit message; see changes on VCS changes tab on issue view page.

Agile software development

  • Collaborate with your team on Agile Boards.
  • Customize your board: add several columns, merge them, group tasks into swimlanes. For example, use a feature as a swimlane and subtasks as tasks.
  • Move issues around on the board, and get updates on any changes made by your co-workers in real time.
  • Create tasks or drafts directly on the board.
  • Make estimates for your issues and track time, see the progress of your sprint with a Burndown chart.

Plan the development of your project

  • Create a backlog to plan and prioritize features.
  • Use custom fields to set the product versions.
  • See the status of your projects and tasks on Dashboards.

Cover all kinds of processes using YouTrack

  • Customize and automate the life cycle of issues using workflows.
  • Seamlessly integrate YouTrack into your environment using REST API.
  • Get email notifications based on saved searches, tags, filters.

Check out how dev teams organize their work using Agile Boards.

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