for Product & Project management

Whether you are a product or a project manager, you need to balance the prioritization of tasks in your team. With YouTrack you can plan, prioritize, see the scope of the product, and keep track of what’s important.

Plan Product Roadmap

  • Create a backlog to manage feature requests and prioritize user stories.
  • Use tags to distinguish between requests from stakeholders and external users.
  • Organize issues by using different values in custom fields (for example, fix version, release date, etc.)
  • Set up a Gantt Chart to show issues from multiple projects, limit the amount of work in progress, and control how many levels of subtasks are included in the report.

Be Agile

  • Create Scrum or Kanban boards that follow your processes.
  • Use multi-level boards to track the overall progress of your project. For example, with an Epic board, you can check the status of epics and user stories, while a development board will visualize the lower level of development.
  • See if the team is on track using a Burndown chart. Tune the settings to what’s important for you and your team.
  • Create a Cumulative flow chart to monitor the current state of the tasks and how they are distributed.

Manage issues fast

  • Find issues quickly using the smart search with auto-completion. For example, project: YouTrack has: -{Board YouTrack} tag: important #unresolved will return all unresolved issues in a YouTrack project tagged important that are not on the board.
  • Apply changes to the issues using commands. Select the issues you want to make changes to, start typing and the command window will pop up. Type assigned to: Natasha add board: Board YouTrack to assign issues and put them on the board.
  • Export issues to Excel or CSV to create external reports or analyze the data in your own format.
  • Never miss anything important. Subscribe to issue updates, or get email notifications based on saved searches, tags, or filters.

Track the time right

  • Enable time tracking for your project to measure how the actual work compares with the original estimation.
  • Create summary reports that show the total amount of time spent on different types of work.
  • Use a workflow work timer that will automatically track time when an issue is in the in progress state.

Completely integrated

  • Integrate YouTrack with the IDE so your developers can fix issues right from their IDE.
  • Use YouTrack app for Slack to get notifications right there.
  • Integrate with your VCS and add links to issues in the commit messages.

Check out how the YouTrack team organize their work using Agile Boards.

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