for Marketing Teams

As a marketing manager you are not only in charge of personal tasks but also the tough task of coordinating issues between other teams: designers, copywriters, development, and anyone else needed involved in your campaigns to make them a success.

With YouTrack you will be able to see who is doing what, and organize the tasks to make sure that everything stays on track.

Collaborate with different teams

  • Create a personal Agile board with multiple projects on it to track issues from different teams. You will see all the changes that are applied to the cards on the board in real-time.
  • Change the state of tasks and re-assign them directly from the board. For example, if you want a copywriter to proofread your content, move the task to the “proofread” column and re-assign it.
  • Add widgets to the dashboard to customize how you track the progress of your issues.

Plan product releases

  • Use backlogs with issues that are awaiting planning and implementation.
  • Create workflows that will automatically create issues for upcoming releases for you and your team.
  • Date-based boards help you to track and handle tasks so you never miss a deadline.
  • With our smart search capability you are able to find important issues in seconds.

Create marketing campaigns and events

  • Create as many drafts as you need to make it perfect with all the important things included. You can do it right on the board, or on the issue creation page. Manage drafts at any later time.
  • Attach images and files to the issues. Use the built-in image editor to quickly tweak a screenshot right there on the page. Afterall a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Stay informed with email notifications - subscribe to issue updates, or set notifications for tags and saved searches and make sure you stay in the loop with changes.
  • Follow the status of an issue on the board or in the issue list so you can react in time to save your projects.

Check out how YouTrack Product Marketing managers organize their work!

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