Work with cases

  • Attach invoices and other documents to issues. Limit the visibility of the attachments, comments, and issues to keep the data secure.
  • Change the states of your issues depending on whether it needs to be reviewed, or if you are waiting for approval.
  • Cooperate with your co-workers in the comment section, use @mention so they get notifications.

Make YouTrack follow your process

  • Create a custom workflow that will reflect the process that is applied to your team. You can set a workflow that will automatically assign tasks based on special conditions, or have a pre-filled issue description. For example, if the type of issue is a trip, YouTrack can automatically add custom fields like “visa required”, and “tickets required”, etc.
  • Never miss payment reminders. Add due date to get email notifications about the approaching deadline.
  • Set task dependencies and see what should be done first and how are issues related to each other.

Manage your personal issues

  • Build a personal agile board to keep track of issues assigned to you. Set swimlanes based on due dates to see what should be done and what is due today, tomorrow, next week and so on.
  • Use the smart search to find your issues quickly. For example, #unresolved for: me will find your unresolved issues. You can also select those issues, start typing and apply any changes via command window.
  • Add tags to group issues any way you like. For example, you can create a tag ‘send email today’ and add this tag to issues in multiple projects.
  • Create and manage as many issue drafts as you want.

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