YouTrack With More Powerful Time Tracking

YouTrack 2022.2 extends the power and flexibility of time tracking options. Timesheets for working groups help track the work performed by various project teams. With custom attributes for work items, you can now identify the information you want to capture when team members add spent time to their tasks.

We’ve added support for importing from Google Sheets, and you can also use CSV and XLS formats. The interface languages now include Italian and Ukrainian, and YouTrack and the Mobile app are now available in fifteen languages.

LaTeX notation support

More powerful time tracking

Timesheets for workgroups

Timesheets for workgroups

The Timesheets feature gives you multiple opportunities to view, update, and browse work activity. We’ve added dedicated timesheets that track work performed by any set of users, groups, or project teams. Whether you're working with a cross-functional matrix team or an ad hoc task force, this feature lets you track spent time flexibly and efficiently.

With a selection of timesheets per person, per project, or per workgroup, you now have the full flexibility to track the time spent on your efforts, both for personal use and for internal team reporting, or to customize reports for your external customers.

Track work items with precision

Custom attributes for work items are designed to add maximum flexibility to the level of detail your team uses to track the time spent on tasks, without requiring you to spend too much time logging the work done.

Each project can have its own attributes for work items and store a project-specific collection of values. When adding the time spent on a task, your team members will choose from work attributes relevant to the projects they are working on. They also can add comments to describe their work. These details will be available in the tasks, timesheets, and time tracking reports.

Import from Google Sheets

Import from Google Sheets

We’ve added support for importing issue data from Google Sheets. This means you can effectively import issues from any tracker that exports data in a compatible format, including CSV and XLSX. You can also use the ability to import from Google Sheets as a tool for importing issues in bulk.

More languages

More languages

Thanks to contributions from our community translation project, YouTrack is now available in Italian and Ukrainian. In their profile settings, each user can choose from 15 languages, including English, official localizations into Chinese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish, and community translations into Czech, Polish, Hebrew, and Hungarian.

More languages More languages

The YouTrack mobile app now supports localization too. The app will be automatically preset to any language selected for the user in the main YouTrack.

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Other enhancements

Gantt charts with unbound estimations

You now have the option to create a Gantt chart without linking the estimated duration for each task with the original estimation for it. As a result, you can modify these time estimations and start dates freely without updating the underlying issues. In this case, the Gantt chart will represent alternate versions of the project timeline when needed.

Text and images formatting

Text and images formatting

We’ve made formatting images in your tasks, comments, and articles easier. The image editor lets you crop, highlight, draw, and blur images. Additionally, while working with texts, you can now make the content more vibrant with coloring options.