YouTrack Introduces Free Writing Assistance, Powered by JetBrains AI

Writing assistance powered by JetBrains AI now can automatically check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation and boost your writing speed.

Other improvements include more customization for online forms in helpdesk projects, streamlined setup for new projects, major performance and scalability enhancements, and more.

Free AI-powered writing assistance

Writing assistance powered by JetBrains AI is now included in YouTrack for free. When you’re describing your tasks, creating articles, or participating in discussions in English or German, your grammar, spelling, and punctuation are automatically checked.

YouTrack Helpdesk improvements

Create online ticket collection forms with conditional fields

Online forms, where you get tickets in helpdesk projects, have become more flexible. You can now use conditional fields to help you collect relevant information based on your reporters’ information provided in another field. For example, after the customer selects a request type, subsequent fields will present only the options that are relevant to this kind of request.

Know when other agents add comments

Support agents and your team members can now see when other agents or team members are in the process of adding a comment to a ticket. This helps to avoid duplicating efforts.

Working with issues and tasks more conveniently

View the history of changes for texts in tasks, articles, and comments

You can now review the complete history of changes applied to issue descriptions, articles, or comments. This transparency helps you know who made each change and when it was made. If the change was made in error or should be reverted, you can restore a previous version at any time.

Export articles as Markdown files

A new option lets you export articles as Markdown files. This makes it easier for you to transfer your content between different platforms, applications, and systems without losing formatting or structure. Choose whether you want to export individual articles or all of their sub-articles, comments, and attachments.

Mermaid diagrams support

YouTrack now supports diagrams and charts created using Mermaid markup. You can add them to your tasks or articles and share them in comments – even inline comments in a Knowledge Base. Just embed a code block for the diagram and it will be rendered automatically.

Create new projects more easily

We have updated the project wizard in YouTrack to help project managers navigate through the project creation process more easily. You can choose between the templates, go through all of the steps to customize your projects and tasks according to your team needs, invite team members, and more.

Performance and scalability improvements

Both the Cloud and Server versions of YouTrack have become faster. YouTrack is now able to handle more issues, articles, and files with fewer CPU cores and less RAM. The main pages, such as the issue pages, issue lists, and many more now load noticeably faster with less traffic and lower server response times, especially for bigger YouTrack installations with thousands of users.

Other enhancements

This release also includes upgrades to VCS and Build Server integrations and import configurations, UI/UX improvements for the dark theme, improvements in working with attachments, and more.