Discover the Power of JetBrains AI in YouTrack for Free

Supercharge your teams with free access to the new AI Assistant, powered by JetBrains AI. It helps you generate summaries of content in tasks, articles, and support tickets, including translation into your language if necessary, and can compose replies and comments for you.

In addition, you can now use text recognition to copy text from images and search for images containing specific text.

AI Assistance in YouTrack

Effortless summaries with AI

Our new AI Assistant is powered by the JetBrains AI service. It brings AI-powered features to YouTrack to help you get a summary of content in project tasks, Knowledge Base articles, and helpdesk support tickets at a glance. No matter how long the descriptions and discussions are or what language is used, you can get an understanding of what’s being said in no time.

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Let AI generate comments for you

When you’re ready to join the discussion, just ask AI Assistant to generate one of several possible context-dependent replies, such as a generic reply, an apology, or a request for more time. Then you can either use the suggested text as-is or modify it before publishing your comment.

Use AI Assistant for free

All YouTrack Cloud customers, including small teams using YouTrack for free and YouTrack Server customers with active subscriptions, now have access to free credits for AI-powered features. These credits will be replenished weekly. Later on, we’re planning to offer additional credit purchases for teams who need more than the free amount.

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Text recognition from images

Text recognition from images

Upload an image to YouTrack, and it will transform the content into text for easy copying and further use. When you search for a piece of text, YouTrack now also returns images containing the searched text.

Pinned comments

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Highlight important parts of discussions in tasks, articles, or support tickets by pinning comments. They help you draw attention to comments or provide answers to frequently asked questions. Pin a comment to the top of the discussion to help ensure that readers don’t overlook crucial information.

Other enhancements

This version comes with a freshened-up interface for viewing tasks in YouTrack Classic. With greater control over the look and feel of the issue views, you can now also resize the fields panel and manage the density of the layout.