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PyCharm supports a directory-based versioning model, which means that each project directory can be associated with a different version control system.

To associate a directory with a version control system
  1. Open version control settings (File | Settings | Version Control). This page shows a list of project directories and version control systems associated with them (if no directories have been added, the list only contains the project root).
  2. Click the Add button add on the right.
  3. In the Add VCS Directory Mapping dialog box that opens, select the Directory option. Type the path to the directory that you want to associate with a version control system, or click the Browse button browseButton and select the directory in the dialog that opens.
  4. From the VCS drop-down list, select the version control system that will be used to control the files in this directory. Note that this list only contains the version control systems for which the corresponding Plugins are currently enabled (see .
  5. Optionally, lick the Configure VCS button that allows you to specify the settings for the selected version control system. The same settings are also available under Version Control settings.
  6. Click OK to save the mapping and return to the Version Control page.

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