What’s New in PyCharm 5

All Python tools in one place

PyCharm 5 brings an outstanding lineup of new features for productive Python, Web and scientific development that work together smoothly to offer you a unique coding experience.

Please note that features marked pro only are supported only in PyCharm Professional Edition.

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Python Tools

Full Python 3.5 Support

PyCharm 5 now fully supports the latest Python 3.5 with all of its new libraries and features. This includes support for PEP-0484 — Type Hints, PEP 0448 — Additional Unpacking Generalizations, and PEP 0492 — Coroutines with async and await syntax. Switch to the new interpreter with confidence and enjoy all the advantages of the latest Python.

Docker Integration pro only

PyCharm 5 introduces initial integration with Docker, a popular open platform for distributed applications for developers and sysadmins. With this integration you can specify a Python interpreter from a Docker container and use it in your project for running, debugging and profiling your applications.

Thread Concurrency Visualization pro only

Thread Concurrency Visualization is one of the top features in Pycharm 5 that will help you take full control over your multi-threaded applications. Use the new Concurrency Diagram button to inspect the real time states of threads inside your running process on a diagram.

Code Insight for Django
ORM Methods pro only

This brand new functionality provides you with code completion for model field names and their modifiers in Django ORM lookups.

Google and NumPy Style Python Docstrings

When the Google (or Numpy) docstring style is selected in Settings (Preferences) | Tools | Python Integrated Tools, you can enjoy full support for these types of docstrings inside PyCharm 5.

Conda Integration

A big improvement for scientific Python developers, Conda integration as implemented in PyCharm is primarily designed for managing Anaconda installations. You can create a new Conda environment the same way you do usual python virtualenvs.

App Config Tool for Google App Engine Projects pro only

This new tool introduces a new user interface and provides autocompletion for appcfg.py tasks and their arguments. The App Config Tool also preserves the command history so you can easily fetch previous commands just by pressing Up / Down arrows. Quick documentation is also available via Ctrl+Q on a appcfg.py command.

"Make Top-Level Function" Refactoring

This brand-new refactoring complements the huge set of Python refactorings implemented in PyCharm. With this refactoring you can safely move a nested function to the top level. The refactoring is available on Refactor | Make Top-Level Function.

Quick Documentation Improvements

These improvements include external docs in the quick documentation pop-up for stdlib and Python keywords on Ctrl+Q.

Other Python-Related Enhancements

  • IPython Notebook v4 support
  • Improved formatter PEP-8 compatibility
  • Refined “Optimize Imports”
  • EditorConfig bundled

IDE Improvements

New Indicator for Running Configurations

Now every run configuration has a small green indicator that tells you if it’s running. If your run configuration is a Single instance only, PyCharm will show you the Restart action instead of the Run action on the toolbar.

Adjust Code Style Settings

This new quick-fix will become available when you select a piece of code in the editor. Apply it to change the code style settings that affect the selected code, with a live preview available.

Find in Path with Instant Preview

To make the Find in Path action more responsive, we’ve added a Preview tab showing the first 100 results in real time. Now to find what you need, you don’t even have to leave the dialog.

RegEx Improvements in Find and Replace

RegEx case transformation syntax is supported in Find and Replace, including the commands "\l", "\L", "\u", "\U" and "\E".

New UI for Testing and Tests History

Test durations are now shown right in the test results tree, to provide you with more information on their performance. Tests can also be sorted, and results are saved to history automatically.

Editing Code in Diff Viewer

If you want to make a quick edit, don’t switch back to the editor – just do it in the Commit Dialog. Editing works in both the Two-sided and One-sided Diff Viewers.

Branch Operations and Git Rebase

Now you have access to branching operations right from the context menu in the VCS Log Viewer. The new Rebase action is available in the Branches menu on equal terms with Merge, and supports multiple roots, automatic stash/unstash, and conflict resolve.

Database Tools pro only

The built-in set of tools for SQL developers features many improvements:

  • Grouping objects in tool window
  • Native introspection for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL
  • Configurable behavior of the Execute action
  • New Modify Table window
  • New Data Sources and Drivers dialog

Adjustments for Color Deficiency

In PyCharm 5 we’ve added an option to adjust UI colors to improve the experience for the color-blind. The red-green form of color blindness is currently supported.


  • True HiDPI display support for Windows and Linux
  • Improved ReactJS support
  • TypeScript 1.6 support
  • Support for AngularJS 2.0
  • Better support for Meteor
  • Dart support enhancements

PyCharm 5 incorporates most of the new functionality of the latest WebStorm 11.

Learn more about new WebStorm 11 features that are also available in PyCharm 5

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