Stack Trace Explorer

When an unhandled exception causes a stack trace to be dumped, ReSharper can help you quickly locate the malfunctioning code.

  1. Copy the stack trace to clipboard.
  2. Press Ctrl + Shift + E or select ReSharper | Explore Stack Trace in the main menu. The following dialog appears:

    The clipboard content is automatically pasted into the the Explore Stack Trace dialog when you open it. However, you can paste any trace you want in this window.

  3. Press the Explore button to display the  Stack Trace Explorer window:

    References to lines in the code are presented as hyperlinks. Click them to quickly navigate to corresponding places in the code.

The Stack Trace Explorer window can also be opened from the main menu, at any time. Select ReSharper | Window | Stack Trace Explorer. Stack traces you have previously explored will be stored in individual views (tabs).

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