Options - Code Style

Code style settings  affect the way ReSharper reformats your code. Available code style options are briefly described in the following help topics:

In this dialog itself, you can set the option to store code style settings. See Sharing Code Style Settings and Importing and Expoerting Code Style Settings sections below.

Sharing Code Style Settings

You and other members of your development team can use this folder to store shared code style settings for use with the current solution. Code style settings can be stored to be accessible in various ways:

Importing and Exporting Code Style Settings

Your code style settings can be exported to an XML file. This allows you to save your customized settings so that you can distribute them, share with other developers, temporarily save them between re-installations of ReSharper, and so on. Once exported (by you or someone else), code style settings can be imported.

To export code style settings:

  1. Click  Export .
  2. Specify the file to export to, using the browse button if necessary. Click Save.
  3. Don't forget to click OK in the Options dialog to save your changes.

To import code style settings:

  1. Click  Import .
  2. Specify the file from which to import data. The code style settings file must have been created with ReSharper for the import to work correctly. Click Open.
  3. Don't forget to click OK in the Options dialog to save your changes.

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