Find Results Window

The Find Results window displays the results of the current search and (possibly) other recent searches. The window has a toolbar with a set of buttons and a results panel.

To open the Find Results window, do one of the following:

Results View

Search results are presented in a tree view. Navigate to a usage by double clicking its entry in the Results View.

You can choose how results are grouped using the Grouping drop-down list, located on the Toolbar:


The toolbar contains the following buttons:


Icon Shortcut Description

Ctrl + Alt + F5

Reruns usage search.

Ctrl + NumPad+

Expands all nodes.

Ctrl + NumPad-

Collapses all nodes.

Ctrl + Alt + Up

Navigates to the previous element in the result panel.

Ctrl + Alt + Down

Navigates to the next element in the result panel.

Alt + O

Allows users to save the current window contents. Opens the Text Export Preview dialog where you can specify the target file or copy information to the clipboard. Before saving, you can also edit the data to be saved.

Ctrl + Shift + F4

Closes the current tab.
  Toggle button for filtering/showing duplicated lines.
  Toggle button for filtering/showing references on both read access and write access methods.

Ctrl + W

Toggle button for filtering/showing references on write access methods. Available for usages of fields or local variables only.

Ctrl + R

Toggle button for filtering/showing references on read access methods. Available for usages of fields or local variables only.
  Toggle button for switching on/off the Autoscroll to source mode. When enabled, each time the node is focused, the corresponding source code line is highlighted in the editor.



Search results for different searches are presented in tabs. You can manage tabs through the following context menu (displayed by right-clicking on a tab):


Command Description
Close Closes the current tab.
Close All Closes all tabs and hides the Find Results window.
Close All But This Closes all tabs except for the current.


Text Export Preview Dialog

The dialog allows you to specify a file name to export search results to or to copy them to the clipboard.

  1. Provide a file name (or select one using the Browse button)
  2. Click Save to File  or Copy to Clipboard .

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