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The following conventions are used in ReSharper Help:

  • Code samples are in most cases provided in C#. That doesn't necessarily mean that showcased features are not supported for other languages. To check whether a language is supported, seeReSharper Features in Different Languages. To get more information including details and examples, look through the ReSharper by Language section.
  • ReSharper provides two keyboard shortcut schemes: ReSharper 2.x or IntelliJ IDEA andVisual Studio. You can switch between schemes not only in ReSharper itself, but also in documentation.

    If a help topic contains keyboard shortcuts that differ between the schemes, the drop-down list is displayed in the top right corner of the topic header. Click an item to apply the corresponding scheme.

    To view the list of all shortcuts for both schemes, see Default Keyboard Shortcuts Schemes
  • In reference pages, space of a page just under the header is used to provide a path to the user interface item being described. The paths are not necessarily limited to menu paths, but may also include paths through controls within windows and dialog boxes. Take the following case as an example:

    This path should be read as: "Open the ReSharper menu, then select Options. After the ReSharper Options dialog box opens, browse to the Code Editing section, expand the C# node, expand the Formatting Style subnode, and click Line Breaks and Wrapping."

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Last modified: 13 August 2015