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To navigate through a diagram, follow these general steps
  1. Press Ctrl+F12Ctrl+F12Ctrl+0Ctrl+F12Ctrl+F12Ctrl+F12Ctrl+F12 or Ctrl+Shift+F12Ctrl+F3 or Ctrl+O⌘+F12⌘ F12⌘ F12⌘ O⌘ F12. The menu of diagram elements pops up.


  2. Use the arrow keys to select the desired diagram element, and press EnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnter. The selected diagram node element becomes active.


  3. Press EnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnter once more. The first member of an element gets the focus.


  4. The following actions are available:
    • Pressing EnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnter toggles the focus between a diagram element and its members.
    • When a diagram element has the focus, use the arrow keys to jump between elements.
    • When a member has the focus, use the vertical arrow keys to navigate through an element to the desired member.
    • Having selected an element or a member, navigate to the underlying source code.

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