CLion 2019.3 Help

Catch2 support

Catch2 is a cross-platform testing framework. CLion supports Catch versions 1.7.2 and later. With dedicated Catch run/debug configurations, you can specify test names with wildcards or tags and then explore the results in the test runner window.

Adding Catch2 to your project

  1. Download the latest version of catch.hpp header using the link from the documentation and copy it into your project tree.

  2. Include the header in your test files:

    #include "catch.hpp"

  3. In only one source file, precede the #include with either #define CATCH_CONFIG_MAIN or CATCH_CONFIG_RUNNER (use the latter if you want to supply your own main()).

Catch run/debug configuration

  1. To create a Catch configuration, go to Run | Edit Configurations, click icons general add and select Catch from the list of templates.

  2. Catch run/debug configuration

    Specify the configuration settings:

    • Set the configuration name in the Name field. This name will be shown in the list of the available run/debug configurations.

    • Select the Tags/Test option to run a test for the particular tags or all the tags. Select the Pattern option to run all the tests for a particular pattern.

    • Specify tags in the tags fields. This option is available only when the Tags/Test option is selected.

    • Select the desired test from the Test drop down list. Note, that this option is available only when one or more tags have been provided.

    • Specify the pattern name in the Pattern field. Note, that this option is available only when the Pattern option is selected.

    • In the Target field, select the desired target from the list of available targets.

  3. Save the configuration, and it's ready for Runicons actions execute or Debugicons actions startDebugger.

Last modified: 6 December 2019