CLion 2020.1 Help

Disassembly View

In situations when source code is unavailable, you can step into and debug the disassembled code in the dedicated view.

Access the Disassembly view

  • When debugging your code, use the Force Step Into the Force Step into icon Alt+Shift+F7 command instead of Step Into F7. Step Into behaves as Step Over for functions with no source code.

  • Navigate to the desired frame in the Debug Tool window.

  • The disassembly view opens automatically when you launch a debug session for the attached process that does not provide debug information.

Syntax highlighting is available for AT&T assembly code. By default, the .s and .asm files are recognized as assembly code files, but you can configure other types. To do this, in the Settings/Preferences dialog Ctrl+Alt+S, go to Editor | File Types. Select Assembly Language in the list of recognized file types and add a new extension to the list.

To investigate your code in the disassembly view, use regular stepping actions. Note that Run to Cursor, Evaluate Expression, and breakpoints-related actions are not supported.

Extending the disassembly view functionality is under development in CLion. Vote for desired features and share your feedback in the following tickets:

Last modified: 27 May 2020