CLion 2020.1 Help

Start/Pause/Stop Debug Session

Before debugging

  1. Set breakpoints in the source code.

  2. If necessary, create or modify the corresponding Run/Debug configuration.

The debug session starts with the selected run/debug configuration. Note that several debug processes can be launched simultaneously.

Start a debug session

  • Select the run/debug configuration to execute, and then do one of the following:

    • Click the Run icon icon in the left gutter, and then choose icons actions startDebugger.

    • Click the Run button on the toolbar.

    • Select Run | Debug 'selected configuration' from the main menu.

    • Press Shift+F9.

  • Invoke the Run Anything dialog by pressing ^ (or search for Run anything in Help | Find Action Ctrl+Shift+A).

    In the Run Anything dialog, start typing the configuration name, select it from the list, then hold down to switch to Debug mode, and press Enter to debug the selected configuration:

    debug via Run Anything

Note that after you've launched a debug session, the Debug tool window icon (the Debug button) toggles to the Active Debugger icon indicating that the debugging process is active.

Pause a debug session

  • From the main menu, choose Run | Debugging Actions | Pause Program.

  • Click the Pause icon on the Debug toolbar.

Resume a debug session

  • From the main menu, select Run | Debugging Actions | Resume Program.

  • Click the Resume icon on the Debug toolbar.

  • Press F9.

Terminate a debug session

  • Click the Stop button on the toolbar of the Debug tool window. Alternatively, press Ctrl+F2 and select the process to terminate (if there are two or more of them).

Last modified: 27 May 2020