CLion 2021.2 Help

Valgrind Tab

In this tab you can observe and explore the Valgrind Memcheck output messages.

Left pane of the Valgrind tab shows the list of problems diagnosed by Valgrind Memcheck. Each stack-frame shows the instruction pointer, the problematic function name and (if possible) the source file.

When a stack-trace of interest is selected, you can observe the full stack frame description and the corresponding code preview (when possible), in the right pane. Press F4 to jump to corresponding source code.

Right-click an item to exclude it from the results log.

Valgrind Toolbar

Icons actions expandallExpand allClick this icon to expand all the nodes in tool window.
Icons actions collapseallCollapse allClick this icon to collapse all the nodes in tool window.
Icons actions previous occurencePreviousClick this button to navigate to the previous error or warning.
Icons actions next occurenceNextClick this button to navigate to the next error or warning.
Icons actions group by packageGroup By DirectorySelect this icon to group diagnostics by path to file. When unselected, all diagnostics are grouped by their type.
Icons general autoscroll to sourceNavigate with Single ClickClick this button to enable automatic navigation to the line of source code that corresponds to the selected node when the focus switches to the editor.
Icons toolbar decorator exportExportClick this icon to Export Valgrind results.
Icons general settingsSettingsClick this icon to open Valgrind settings dialog.
Last modified: 08 March 2021