JetBrains CodeCanvas 2024.1 Help

IDE Settings

When a dev environment is created, it gets an IDE defined in the dev environment template from a particular IDE feed. As a system administrator, you can predefine the following settings:

  • Default IDE version – which IDE versions must be used in dev environments by default, i.e., in the case when the IDE version is not explicitly specified in a dev environment template. If you don't predefine the default IDE versions, the default is the latest IDE version available in IDE feeds.

  • IDE feeds – sources of IDEs for dev environments. You can use IDE feeds from JetBrains or add your own custom IDE feeds.

Define the default IDE versions

  1. On the sidebar menu, select Administration, then Default IDE Versions.

  2. Find the required IDE and choose a new default version.

    Default IDE versions

Configure IDE feeds

An IDE feed is a centralized source of IDEs for dev environments:

  • It provides IDE components to a dev environment during its creation.

  • When creating a dev environment template, namespace administrators can choose an IDE version from the versions available in the IDE feed. The default IDE version is specified by a system administrator.

As a system administrator, you can use the JetBrains IDE feed or add a custom one.

To add an IDE feed

  1. On the sidebar menu, select Administration, then select IDE Feeds.

  2. Click New feed.

  3. Specify the feed Name and other settings:

    • Toolbox or Custom – choose Toolbox in case you want to use a feed provided by your JetBrains Toolbox installation. Select Custom to add a custom feed.

    • URL – the URL of the feed. In the case of a Custom feed, the URL must point to a product.json file generated by the IDE downloader.

    • Authorization – if the feed requires authentication, specify its type (Bearer or Basic) and provide the required credentials.

  4. If you want to check the feed settings, click Test connection. If the connection is successful, click Save.

Last modified: 17 May 2024