JetBrains CodeCanvas 2024.1 Help

Dev Environment Configuration Guide

The guide describes who and on what level can configure particular dev environment settings.

Resources (CPU and memory)

Resources are configured via instance types:

  • A system administrator creates an instance type where they specify CPU and memory. Learn more

  • A namespace administrator assigns this instance type to a particular dev environment template. Learn more

  • A user creates a dev environment based on the template. Learn more


  • IDE and IDE version – a namespace administrator specifies the IDE and its version in a dev environment template. The list of available IDEs is defined by an IDE feed. The list of feeds can be adjusted by a system administrator. Learn more

  • IDE plugins – a namespace administrator can pre-install plugins to an IDE via lifecycle scripts. Learn more

  • VM options – a namespace administrator can pre-define VM options in a dev environment template. Learn more

  • IDE settings – project settings can be shared via the .idea directory. Personal settings can be shared via the Settings Sync feature of the IDE. Learn more

OS, tools, and frameworks

A namespace administrator or a related user should create a custom Docker image with the required OS, tools, and frameworks (i.e., specify them in a Dockerfile). The namespace administrator should then specify this image in a dev environment template. Learn more

Project dependencies

All binary dependencies stored in the project directory or the root user directory must be installed by a namespace administrator via the warm-up feature. Learn more

Environment variables

A namespace administrator can set environment variables in:

Sensitive data (credentials and tokens)

Sensitive data can be provided to a dev environment in two ways:

  • Personal parameters

    A namespace administrator specifies the required environment variables or files (which are supposed to provide credentials or tokens) in a dev environment template. Dev environment users create the corresponding personal parameters in their account in CodeCanvas. When creating a dev environment, the user links the parameters to the required environment variables. Note: to provide sensitive parameters to a warm-up dev environment, a namespace admin must use warm-up parameters. Learn more

  • Cloud policies

    If a project requires access to some resource hosted in the cloud, a system admin can create a cloud policy. Cloud policies let dev environments automatically authenticate in the cloud and access the required resources. Dev environment users don't need to provide any credentials or tokens. Learn more

Last modified: 17 May 2024