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List of run/debug configuration templates

This page lists run/debug configuration templates available in DataGrip. For detailed instructions on how to use them in your database, refer to the related how-to pages.

NameUse it toRequired plugins
CompoundRun several run/debug configurations in parallel. This is useful, for example, if you want to launch various automated tests or client-server apps. The controls for each configuration will be available in a separate tab in the Run or Debug tool window.
Database scriptRun your database scripts against created data sources.Database
DockerfileCreated automatically when you run a container from a Dockerfile. This configuration builds an image from the Dockerfile, and then derives a container from this image.Docker
Docker ImageCreated automatically when you run a container from an existing image. You can run it from a locally existing Docker image that you either pulled or built previously.Docker
Docker ComposeCreated automatically when you run a multi-container Docker application from a Docker Compose file.Docker
HTTP RequestExecute HTTP Requests directly in the DataGrip either individually or as part of a compound run/debug configuration.HTTP Client
tSQLt Test

Run tests for stored procedures, functions, views, and triggers of Microsoft SQL Server. For a tutorial about running tSQLt tests, see Run tSQLt tests.

Database (Microsoft SQL Server)
utPLSQL Test

Run tests for packages, functions, procedures, triggers, views, and other objects that can be used in PL/SQL. For a tutorial about running utPLSQL tests, see Run utPLSQL tests.

Database (Oracle)
Last modified: 22 September 2021