Datalore 2023.2 Help

Computation tab

Use the Computation tab to manage kernels, machines, and notebook runs from one place. This is an alternative option to performing the same operations using Kernel and Run under the main menu.

Use the Computation tab

  1. Open the tab by clicking the Computation icon on the left-hand sidebar or selecting the Computation option from the command palette.

    When opened, the tool looks as shown in the image below.

    Computation tool
  2. (Optional) Drag the items on the tab to re-arrange them.

  3. The Computation tab provides the following options:

    • Under Cells:



      Run all

      Runs the entire notebook.

      Run selected

      Runs selected cells. To select several cells in the editor, press Esc, hold down Shift, and press Up or Down.

      Clear outputs

      Clears outputs in all notebook cells.

    • Under Machine:



      Machine selection

      Changes the machine. Click the arrow next to the machine name and select an option from the menu. Confirm the machine change.

      Machine start/stop

      Starts or stops the machine.

      Background computation

      Activates background computation and allows to choose a cut-off timer option.

    • Under Kernel:




      Interrupts or restarts the kernel. The options are enabled only when there is a running computation.

      Reactive mode

      Turns on the reactive mode.

    • Under Scheduled runs:



      Scheduling is on/off

      Turns on or off scheduled running for the notebook if there is a schedule created.

      Scheduled settings

      Click to edit the schedule for the notebook.

      Create schedule

      Opens the schedule dialog where you can schedule runs for the notebook. Find more details in Scheduling.

Last modified: 14 July 2022