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Connect to an SMB/CIFS folder

The article explains how to connect to an SMB/CIFS folder.

Create an SMB/CIFS folder connection

  1. Open the New cloud storage connection dialog. The step depends on whether you want to add a new database connection to workspace resources or attach it to a notebook.

    1. On the Home page, select the workspace to which you want to add a folder.

    2. From the left-hand menu of the selected workspace, select Data and switch to the Cloud storages tab. This will open the list of all workspace cloud storage connections.

    3. On the Cloud storages tab, click the Add button in the upper right corner.

      Cloud storages menu
    1. Go to Main menu | Tools | Attached data or click the Attached data icon on the left-hand sidebar.

    2. Click New connection and select New database connection.

      Creating connection from notebook
  2. In the New cloud storage connection dialog, select SMB/CIFS.

    New cloud storage dialog
  3. In the SMB/CIFS cloud storage connection dialog, fill in the following fields:

    • Display name: to specify the name for this data source in your system

    • Host: to specify the SMB server hostname

    • Port: to specify the SMB port

    • Username and Password: to specify the user credentials

    • Domain (Optional): to specify the SMB server domain

    • Custom options: to specify additional parameters

    SMB/CIFS cloud storage connection
  4. (Optional) Click Test connection to make sure the provided parameters are correct.

  5. Click Create data source to finish the procedure.

Results and further actions

  • If created for a specific notebook, the new connection will be automatically added to the workspace. You can later attach this database to any other notebook from this workspace.

  • If created for a workspace, this connection is added to the workspace databases and can be attached to any notebook from this workspace.


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Last modified: 17 May 2024