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Manage database connections in a notebook

This article explains how to manage database connections attached to a notebook.

Access attached database connections

Use the Attached data tool from the left-hand sidebar of the editor to access and manage attached data sources. All further procedures are performed from here.

Attached data tool

    Attach a database connection from the workspace

    Perform these steps to use a database connection you previously added to the workspace that contains this notebook.

    1. In the Attached data tool, click Select data to attach to expand the list of workspace data sources available for attachment.

    2. Select the database connection you want to attach.

    Attaching a workspace database connection

    Manage attached database connections

    Edit attached database connection
    • To refresh a database schema, click the ellipsis and select Refresh schema from the popup menu.

    • To edit the details of a database connection:

      1. Click the ellipsis and select Edit database connection from the popup menu. This will open the Edit [database_type] connection dialog.

      2. In the Edit [database_type] connection dialog, edit the connection details. Find database-specific information in the respective article listed under Configure a database connection.

    • To remove the database connection from the list of attached data sources, click the ellipsis and select Detach database.

    • To edit the introspection scope of the database connection:

      1. Click the database connection. This will open the detail view of the database schema.

        Introspected schemas
      2. Hover over the introspected schema indicator next to the database name and click Edit introspection scope.

        Introspected schemas
      3. Select or deselect the list items in the Edit introspection scope dialog and click Save and close to finish the procedure.

        Selecting schemas for introspection


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    Last modified: 16 July 2024