Datalore 2022.3 Help

Datalore Enterprise installation guide

What is Datalore Enterprise

Datalore Enterprise is a self-hosted version of Datalore, tailored for teams that want to have a collaborative data science platform set up on their own infrastructure.

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You can choose:

  • Free license: for teams of 1-4 users, support provided on the public forum

  • Paid license: for teams of 5 or more users, support provided through a dedicated Slack channel, installation help via video or phone calls

Installation options

You can choose one of the methods below:

For the Docker-based installation, you can add Docker Swarm support to run Datalore in a cluster of machines. Regardless of the installation type, you can use external agents to run Datalore computations outside your Datalore installation.

It is highly recommended that you have experience using the Kubernetes technology, particularly Helm. For the PoC purpose, we suggest trying the Docker-based installation.

Customization options

Datalore Enterpris allows you to do the following:

  • Use JetBrains Hub as an authentication service

  • Configure agents

  • Configure user plans

  • Customize user environment

  • Support gift codes

Last modified: 30 November 2022