Datalore 2024.3 Help

Manage licenses

The procedures below explain how to activate your Datalore instance.

Obtain your Datalore license key

Datalore license key is a text string that contains encrypted information about your Datalore installation (such as your organization name and maximum user count allowed for this specific instance). Use this key to manage your Datalore licenses.

  1. Log in to the JetBrains Account associated with your license.

  2. A single JetBrains Account can contain personal and organizational profiles. Make sure to select the organizational profile to obtain your Datalore Enterprise license.

    JetBrains Account with an organization
  3. A Datalore Enterprise license assigned to your JetBrains Account will look like in the example below. Click the License key link to copy the license key content. You will need it to activate your Datalore instance.

    Datalore license key in a JetBrains Account

Activate your Datalore instance

Use the Admin panel in Datalore to activate your instance or update licenses. Before you perform these steps, make sure you obtained your Datalore license key.

  1. Click the avatar in the upper right corner of the screen and select Admin panel.

    Opening Admin panel
  2. From the Admin panel, select License.

  3. To activate or update the license, paste the license key content into the text field under Add new license/Update the license and click the Submit license button.

    Updating license
  4. To refresh the count of users and viewers under the current license, click the Refresh icon.

  5. To remove the current license, click the Remove license button at the bottom of the Current license view.

    Refresh and remove license buttons
Last modified: 25 June 2024