Datalore 2024.3 Help

Manage reports in workspaces

Manage reports from the Home page without opening respective notebooks and working in the Report builder. You can access and manage the following types of reports:

  • Reports from all of your workspaces

  • Reports from workspaces shared with you

  • Reports from other users' Private Workspaces

The choice of available actions depends on your access type.


  • You own the workspace

  • You have edit rights to this shared workspace

You have view rights to this shared workspace





Opens the Update report dialog where you can change report access type or manage invitations. See more details in this topic.



Opens the report.

Edit copy

Available if allowed by the owner (Share all content setting)

Opens a copy of the notebook associated with this report in the editor.


Available if allowed by the owner (Share all content setting)

Downloads a copy of the original notebook used for this report.




Deletes the published version of the report.

Access and manage reports

  1. On the left-hand sidebar, navigate to:

    • Shared with you: to access reports shared with you from other users' Private Workspaces. This list will also contain notebooks from the same sources.

      Shared with you list containing one shared report
    • Reports section of a selected workspace: to access reports associated with one of your own workspace or a workspace shared with you.

      Reports view
  2. (Optional) Sort the Reports list by clicking the column headers.

  3. To apply one of the applicable actions, right-click the report and select your option.

    Report actions menu
Last modified: 22 July 2024