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About Home page

The Home page is where you organize and manage your workspaces and notebooks, and access your recent activities in Datalore and results of your work, such scheduled notebook runs or reports. The interface of the page basically consists of its sidebar, located on the left side of the screen, and the view of the menu selected from the sidebar, which takes up most of the screen. For example, when you log into Datalore for the first time, you are forwarded to the Notebooks menu of the default Private Workspace, which contains only one notebook.

Private Workspace, Notebooks menu

Home page sidebar

The Home page sidebar is your main interface for managing your projects in Datalore. Find the details of its categories in the table below.



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Search notebooks or reports

Used to search notebooks and reports across all your workspaces.

Search notebooks or reports

Top Menu

Top menu

Allows you to access:

  • Recent activity (list of notebooks sorted by 'last modified' date)

  • Notebooks you marked as your favorites

  • Access notebooks other users shared with you from their default Private Workspace

  • Running machines launched to run your notebooks

Manage running machines

Workspaces you own

Workspaces you own

Provides access to your default Private Workspace and the workspaces you created.

Use Workspaces menu

Workspaces shared with you

Workspaces shared with you

Provides access to the workspaces other users shared with you.

Share a workspace

Resize the Home page sidebar

  • Change the width of the sidebar:

    1. Hover over the sidebar's right border.

    2. When you see a horizontal resize cursor, hold down the left mouse button and drag the border left or right.

  • To collapse or expand the sidebar, use the icon in right side of the search bar in the upper right corner of the screen.

Start with the basics

Some of the basic things that you can do on the Home page:

  • Create a workspace: read about why and how to create a workspace in Manage workspaces.

  • Create a notebook: in most cases, this is the first thing to do. Notebook is the Datalore basic document type. Creating your own notebook is a good way to start learning the editor and write your first code in Datalore. Read more in Notebooks.

  • Prepare data: connect to data sources and use them in your notebooks.

  • Manage your account: to access the menu with your account settings, click your avatar in the upper right corner of the page. Find more information in Account_settings.


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Last modified: 22 July 2024