Datalore 2024.2 Help

Licensing & Plans

Basic considerations

You can choose one of the following Datalore plans:

The plans define what computation time, storage options, instances, and extra features are available to you.

Plan comparison

Refer to this table to compare Datalore plans and explore your options.


Datalore is licensed by active editor users, regardless of the plan used.

Example: Data team consists of 10 data scientists, who are sharing their results with 50 other team members, using the Interactive reports feature. In this case, only 10 Datalore seats are required, because:

  • for Enterprise, the remaining team members can view the shared report either being anonymous (e.g., not logged in to Datalore), or as Viewer users - this type of user is free of charge and included into any Datalore Enterprise license. See User types and roles for more details..

  • for Community, Professional and Team: the report can be shared by everyone within the workspace (in this case, however, all of the invitees will implicitly hold an assigned seat), or by making the report public, so it will become available to everyone who has a link.

Last modified: 17 May 2024