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Interactive reports

You can publish notebooks as an interactive report with a shareable link. This allows you and other users to view the notebook output as a completed HTML page and edit the published notebook's copy collaboratively. Compared to Static reports, interactive reports allow viewers to dynamically change data presentations (tables and charts) using interactive controls.

Publish an interactive report

  1. Open the notebook in the editor.

  2. Click the Share button in the upper right corner of the editor to open the sharing dialog.

    Share dialog
  3. In the Share dialog, click Static report to expand the list and select Interactive report.

    Selecting Interactive report item
  4. Select the Full width mode checkbox to have the report content displayed using full screen width.

  5. Leave the Reactive mode checkbox selected if you want to have the report automatically recalculated when viewers interact with it.

    • With Reactive mode off, only the code cell directly associated with the used interactive control is recalculated.

    • With Reactive mode on, all the cells below the used interactive control and affected by the user's respective action are recalculated.

    Interactive report options
  6. Click the Publish button.

  7. (Optional) After the publication, you can click the icons next to the generated link to open the published report in a new tab or copy the link to it.

The newly published notebook is added to the Published notebook list on the Home page.

Update, delete, or revoke access to a published interactive report

If your notebook is already published as an interactive report, open the Share dialog to perform one of the following actions:

  • To update the report, click Update in the lower left corner of the dialog. (Optionally) Click Open in the notification popup window to view the updated report.

  • Click Revoke public access to report to keep the report published but unavailable for viewers.

    Publishing an interactive report
  • Click Delete to delete the report. After the action, the notebook is no longer published.

Work with interactive reports

As a collaborator with access to an interactive report, you can view the report and dynamically change the respective data presentations.

  1. Open an interactive report using the provided link. In the image below, there is an interactive report containing a table and a chart.

    Unedited interactive report
  2. Try using the provided controls. In the example below, the controls are:

    • A slider used to select a number of rows displayed in the table (changed from 5 to 8)

    • A dropdown used to select a column for the Y axis (changed from kernel_python 3.4 to kernel_python 3.6)

    Using controls to change data displays
  3. (Optional) If the report owner switched off Reactive mode, to calculate the entire report, click the Recalculate all button in the upper left corner of the report.

  4. To save a table as a .csv file, click the Download .csv icon next to the table.

    Save a table as a .csv file
Last modified: 09 September 2022