Datalore 2024.1 Help


In case something goes wrong with your Datalore installation, we recommend checking the logs as your first troubleshooting step. The most important log types are described below.

Datalore server logs

kubectl logs pod/datalore-0 -n datalore

    Notebook agent logs

    While the notebook agent is alive, you can read its logs in the same way as with the Datalore server. Because there can be multiple agents running in parallel, it is recommended to obtain its agent ID prior to this step. You can obtain the agent ID from the agent pod metadata.

    Once the required pod is identified, proceed with acquiring its logs:

    kubectl logs pod/datalore-agent-.... -n datalore

      Notebook kernel startup logs

      In some certain circumstances, you may encounter the following error during notebook agent startup:

      Kernel failed: Failed to install packages. The error log is available in the notebook Attached Files.

      To investigate further, open notebook Attached Files and find an error log with the timestamp matching the time the error occurred.

        Further steps

        Most of the time, these logs are self-explanatory and can be helpful in identifying a problem root cause so appropriate actions can be taken. However, if you are stuck, feel free to refer to our support resources.

          Last modified: 09 April 2024