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Report introspection issues

Introspection is the process during which the IDE retrieves information about a database. This information is used to show the objects in the Database tool window, display their DDL, suggest them during completion, and in other features for coding assistance.

Sometimes introspection runs into problems. The following situations might take place:

  • Slow introspection: loading the database objects takes too much time.

  • Incorrect introspection: there are outdated objects in the database, or the new objects are missing from it.

In GoLand, you can collect troubleshooting materials to diagnose each situation. As you collected all the needed materials, consider passing them on to our support team.

Reporting your problem

To report an issue, you can use any option that is described in the Where to report an issue section. But we recommend using the JetBrains Support Center.

Submit a request in the JetBrains Support Center

  1. Click Help | Contact Support.

  2. Fill in the Submit a request form.

    If it is possible, attach some troubleshooting materials.

  3. Click Submit.

Last modified: 14 March 2024