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Resource Bundle Editor

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The Resource Bundle Editor is a special tool designed to work with sets of properties files. It shows all files in a bundle, and enables you to perform mass actions on the properties files.


Tooltip and shortcut


the Sort Alphabetically button

Sort Alphabetically

If this button is pressed, the properties in the left pane are sorted in alphabetical order. Otherwise, they are shown as they are introduced in the properties file.

Group by Prefix

Group by Prefixes

If this button is pressed, the properties are grouped according to the separators they have.

The Group by drop-down menu enables you to choose the necessary separator:


If the button is not pressed, properties are shown as the items of the property node.


Group By

Specify the desired separator character, or choose one from the list.


Expand all
Collapse all

Expand all
Ctrl+NumPad Plus
Collapse all
Ctrl+NumPad -

Use these buttons to have all nodes expanded or collapsed.


Click this button to open the current reference page.

Last modified: 20 March 2020