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Adding not null column without default value  

Reports attempts to create NOT NULL columns without DEFAULT values.

Aggregate-related problems  

Reports invalid usages of SQL aggregate functions.

Ambiguous reference  

Reports columns that have identical names but belong to different tables.

Auto-increment duplicate  

Reports tables that contain two columns with an automatic increment.

Check using clause columns  

Reports columns in the USING clause that does not exist in both tables.

Column is shadowed by alias  

Reports SELECT aliases with names that match column names in the FROM clause.

Column should be in group by clause  

Reports columns that are not in the GROUP BY clause or inside an aggregate function call.

Constant condition  

Reports conditions in WHERE or JOIN clauses that are always TRUE or always FALSE.

Constant expression  

Reports conditions and expressions that are always true, false or null.

Current console schema introspected  

Reports schemas and databases in the current session that are not introspected.

Delete or update statement without where clauses  

Reports usages of DELETE or UPDATE statements without WHERE clauses.

Deprecated type  

Reports usages of types that are deprecated and might disappear in future versions of DBMS.

Duplicating column name in SELECT  

Reports duplicated names of column aliases in SELECT lists.

Each derived table should have alias  

Reports derived tables without aliases.

Function signature  

Reports signature issues for built-in functions.

Identifier should be quoted  

Reports situations when you use SQL reserved keywords as identifier names in your query.

Ill-formed date/time literals  

Reports errors in date and time literals.

Illegal cursor state  

Reports illegal cursor states inside SQL routines.

Implicit string truncation  

Reports variables that exceed the defined length in characters.

Index is dependent on column  

Reports cases when you try to drop columns from indexed tables.

Insert NULL into NOT NULL column  

Reports cases when you insert NULL values into columns that accept only NOT NULL values.

Insertion into generated columns  

Reports INSERT statements that assign values to generated columns.

Misleading references  

Reports ambiguous references in SQL code.

Missing column aliases  

Reports queries without explicit aliases in output expressions (for example, in the SELECT statement).

Missing return statement  

Reports functions that have no RETURN statements.

Multiple row limiting/offset clauses in queries  

Reports usages of multiple row limiting clauses in a single query.

Named arguments should be used  

Reports arguments that are used without names in routine calls.

No data sources configured  

Reports the absence of data sources in the Database tool window (View | Tool Windows | Database).

Null comparison  

Reports comparisons with NULL that can be replaced with IS NULL or IS NOT NULL operators.

Redundant ELSE NULL clause  

Reports redundant ELSE NULL clauses.

Redundant alias expressions  

Reports alias expressions that duplicate names of columns in tables and might be redundant.

Redundant code in COALESCE call  

Reports all the arguments except for the first expression that does not evaluate to NULL in COALESCE functions.

Redundant ordering direction  

Reports redundant ordering directions like ASC and DESC in ORDER BY clauses.

Redundant row limiting in queries  

Reports redundant row limiting clauses like FETCH and LIMIT in queries.

SQL dialect detection  

Reports situations when a dialect is not assigned to an SQL file.

SQL source modification detection  

Reports situations when source code of a database object has been changed.

Statement with side effects  

Reports statements that might lead to modification of a database during a read-only connection.

Suspicious code in triggers  

Reports incorrect usages of transition table variables in triggers.

Types compatibility  

Reports type-related errors.

Unicode usage in SQL  

Reports string literals that use national characters without the N prefix.

Unreachable code  

Reports unreachable statements inside SQL routines.

Unresolved reference  

Reports unresolved SQL references.

Unsafe 'join' clause in 'delete' statement  

Reports missing conditional checks for statements that might modify the whole database.

Unused common table expression  

Reports unused common table expressions (CTE) inside the query.

Unused subquery item  

Reports columns, aliases, and other subquery items that are not referenced in the outer query expression.

Unused variable  

Reports unused arguments, variables, or parameters.

Usages of GOTO statements  

Reports usages of backward GOTO statements and GOTO statements used to exit a loop.

Use of transaction management statements in triggers  

Reports usages of transaction management statements like COMMIT or ROLLBACK in trigger bodies.

Using CASE instead of COALESCE function and vice versa  

Reports situations when CASE and COALESCE calls are interchangeable.

Using CASE instead of conditional function and vice versa  

Reports situations when CASE and IF are interchangeable.

Using of named and positional arguments  

Reports calls in which positional arguments go after the named ones.

VALUES clause cardinality  

Reports situations when a number of parameters in VALUES does not match a number of columns in a target table.

Last modified: 29 April 2024