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Usages of GOTO statements

Reports usages of backward GOTO statements and GOTO statements used to exit a loop.

The extensive use of GOTO statements is generally not recommended. For details, see GOTO statement in SQL procedures at

Instead of jumping back to a previous statement using GOTO, consider using a loop.

Instead of exiting the WHILE loop with GOTO, consider using other control-of-flow statements (for example, RETURN or BREAK).

Example (Oracle):

CREATE PROCEDURE test(n INT) AS DECLARE x INT; BEGIN x := 0; GOTO a; <<a>> x := 1; IF (n = 0) THEN GOTO a; END IF; WHILE TRUE LOOP GOTO b; END LOOP; <<b>> x := 3; END;

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Backward GOTO and uses of GOTO to exit a loop

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Last modified: 13 July 2023