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Get started with Compose Multiplatform — tutorial

With the Compose Multiplatform UI framework, you can push the code-sharing capabilities of Kotlin Multiplatform beyond application logic. You can implement the user interface once and then use it for all the platforms you target – iOS, Android, desktop, and web.

In this tutorial, you will build a sample application that runs on Android, iOS, and desktop. To create a user interface, you will use the Compose Multiplatform framework and learn about its basics: composable functions, themes, layouts, events, and modifiers.

  • No previous experience of Compose Multiplatform, Android, or iOS is required for this tutorial. We recommend that you become familiar with the fundamentals of Kotlin before starting this tutorial.

  • To complete this tutorial, you'll only need Android Studio. It allows you to try multiplatform development on Android and desktop. For iOS, you need a macOS machine with XCode installed. This is a general limitation of iOS development.

  • You can choose only the platforms of interest to you and omit the others.

Get to know Compose Multiplatform by completing these steps:

First step Set up an environment for cross-platform development

Second step Create your multiplatform project

Third step Explore composable code

Fourth step Modify your project

Fifth step Create your own application from scratch

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Start by setting up an environment for multiplatform development.

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Last modified: 28 November 2023