License Server Cloud Help


The License Server Cloud (LS Cloud) collects usage statistics and makes reports. The reports are available on LS Cloud page and there's no way to export or download the statistics yet.

Allocated licenses

To see the available and allocated licenses, go to the main LS Cloud dashboard.

Available and allocated licenses

This table shows how many licenses were allocated to users separated by a product. The last column presents the allocation for the last 60 days. If you see the red bar in the last column of the table, it means it highlights the day when LS Cloud issued all licenses available on the server.

The previous columns like Usage licenses and Usage ratio illustrate the real-time statistics. For example, according to the image above, 12 dotUltimate licenses are allocated now.

To see the detailed statistics for each product, click on the product name, for example, All Products Pack.

Statistics for IntelliJ IDEA

In the image above, LS Cloud issued 78 out of 313 licenses for All Products Pack, which is a 25% usage ratio.

Also, you can choose the time frame, for example, 30 days, to review usage statistics for the last month.

Denial Report

Denial is a request from a customer's product to obtain a license refused by LS Cloud. To see the Denial Report go to the Stats page on LS Cloud dashboard and select the time frame for the report.

Denial reports view

For example, the image above shows that LS Cloud refused 70 license requests for the last 24 hours.

Last modified: 24 May 2022