License Server Cloud Help

License Server Cloud

License Server Cloud (LS Cloud) is an application to manage JetBrains product licenses within your company. LS Cloud doesn't require any installations since it’s hosted by JetBrains.

Features of LS Cloud are divided into the Usage Plans. For now, only the Trial plan is available for setup which gets you acquainted with the LS Cloud. Company administrators can configure up to 2 LS Cloud Trial for the company.

Start using LS Cloud Trial

  1. Check if your company meets the requirement: having more than 50 active subscriptions. Note you can have up to 2 LS Cloud Trial for your company.

  2. Sign in to the JetBrains Account with company administrator privileges to have full setup rights. Click Try New License Server.

  3. Check the usage plans. Trial plan for 2 months with 10 free All Products Pack licenses is available! For detailed information about Organization True-Up and Enterprise Floating plans coming soon, see Usage Plans. For now, you can select the Trial plan only. Click Try for 2 months!

  4. Configure the LS Cloud name with letters, digits, and without spaces, for example, mycompany123. It’ll be a part of the LS Cloud URL, in this case, you’ll have the following URL.
  5. Configure access for users via their JetBrains Accounts with company email addresses:

    • Set up the company email domain; public email domains, like, are not allowed due to security reasons. Later, you can find your configuration in Hub, see Configuring email domains.

    • If you signed in with a public email (2nd step), then you can’t configure user access on this step. Even so, you can configure it later in JetBrains Hub.

    Later, you can configure your company Authentication Module to LS Cloud (9th step). However, you should set up the JetBrains Account authentication before you’ve configured your company’s Auth Module, so users have access to their licenses.

  6. Click Next Step. Check the information on license availability. Read the License Server Trial Agreement and accept it.

  7. Click Confirm Settings & Finish. Now you have configured Trial LS Cloud for 2 months with JetBrains Account authentication module.

  8. (Optional) Add more licenses to LS Cloud if needed. The license pool is automatically updated on the LS Cloud dashboard after a while. Use the Reload button to force the update of the license pool.

  9. (Optional) Configure your company Authentication Module to LS Cloud with JetBrains Hub.


The LS Cloud usage distributes between the following roles:

  • Administrator configures license distribution, access rules and performs other administering processes. An administrator can also configure the authentication methods accepted within the company using the JetBrains Hub. See JetBrains Hub configuration.

  • End-user obtains licenses to JetBrains IDEs. Depending on the Usage Plans, if an end user's IDE doesn't connect to LS Cloud within a certain time period, the license is released back to the license pool.

If you didn't find an answer to your question in this documentation, and you require assistance, contact the JetBrains Support team.

Last modified: 24 May 2022