Floating License Server Help

Starting / stopping issues

This topic has step by step solutions to common start and stop issues.

Unresolved address


Unresolved address error on license server start

* FAILED org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server@7a9a042: java.net.SocketException: Unresolved address Caused by: java.nio.channels.UnresolvedAddressException


Make sure that a configured, fully qualified hostname is resolvable to your IP address as described in Server URL.

Address is already in use


* FAILED ServerConnector@2bdd8798{HTTP/1.1}{}: java.net.BindException: Address already in use


Check if there is other software running on the same host and port and stop the software to make the host and port available for usage by FLS. If it is not possible re-configure FLS to use another port as described in Server URL.

Cannot assign requested address


* FAILED ServerConnector@2243bc0d{HTTP/1.1}{notexistinghost.jetbrains.com:8080}: java.net.BindException: Cannot assign requested address


Make sure that the host/port you configured exists and its address is available.

This error may also occur when the host you configured server doesn't match FQDN or IP of the machine where it is installed.

Check the host name.

hostname -f

Compare obtained host name with the host specified in the configuration file (placed in the installation directory):


If they don't match, adjust configuration so that they do.

Windows service failed to start


FLS failed to start or stopped right after start when FLS is launched as Windows service


Make sure that the software is allowed to read/write from/to:

  • %userprofile%\\.jb-license-server sub-directory in user directory

  • <fls_home> directory

  • %programData%\\JetBrains\LicenseService directory on the machine with FLS is installed where %programData%\ is a path to an application data directory

In case of MSI distribution software is running by the service user JetBrainsLS.

Service startup type changes


FLS startup type is automatically changed to disabled for FLS running as Windows service


Try the use following advices to solve the issue:

  • Switch off group policy update and check if it helps.

  • Check group policy settings, and also check if there is a rule to switch off particular services, JetBrains License Service might be considered as subject to stop by the rule so there is a need to update the rule to keep license server startup type.

  • Setup group policy to start JetBrains License Service and to let group policy consider it as subject to keep its startup type.

If it doesn't help:

Service automatic start on Windows Server


JetBrains License Service fails to start automatically on Windows Server operating system.


The name of the JetBrains License Service is LicenseService, its display name is JetBrains License Service. Set Automatic (Delayed Start) as Startup type for JetBrains License Service to solve the issue.

I'm totally failed to start up


Attempt to start FLS software leads to the error message says that it's totally failed to start up.

Starting JetBrains License Service... java.lang.RuntimeException: I'm totally failed to start up. See log :(


Upgrade JDK / JRE to JRE 1.8 or JDK 1.8.

If this version of JDK / JRE can't be set as default, use the following command to specify JDK / JRE home for usage by FLS:

  1. Change to the FLS installation directory using the command line.

  2. Stop FLS using the following command:

    ./bin/license-server.sh stop
  3. ./bin/license-server.sh java set <path to JRE home directory>

  4. Start FLS using the following command:

    ./bin/license-server.sh start

If you didn't find an answer to your question in this documentation, and you require assistance, feel free to contact the JetBrains Support team.

Last modified: 01 September 2021