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Registration issues

This topic has step by step solutions to common registration issues.

Connection error



FLS shows connection error despite list of licenses in JetBrains Account is accessible from a web browser.


When connecting JetBrains Account via web browser you use browser's infrastructure including given connection permissions. FLS doesn't use it and attempts to contact JetBrains resources directly so there might be a need to allow license server software to contact JetBrains resources which are account.jetbrains.com and jetbrains.com accessed using HTTPS (port 443) protocol.

If you use MSI distribution, there is number of .exe programs running by JetBrainsLS service user which are java.exe, javaw.exe and JetService.exe which might need to update their permissions.

There might also be a need to configure proxy for FLS software connections as described in proxy configuration instruction.

Redirect to JetBrains Account


Attempt to visit license server address leads to JetBrains Account instead of Floating License Server page.


To access license server page a person has to be authorised at JetBrains Account by an account of organisation profile administrator or FLS team administrator. Authorise as profile/team administrator in JetBrains Account and try to visit FLS page again. If you don't seem to have administrator's JetBrains Account create new one at account.jetbrains.com. Contact us if newly created account misses required permissions.

FLS page is not available


FLS page is not available.


There are following possible reasons of the issue and proposed solutions:
  • FLS is not running so FLS page is not available. Check if FLS software is running.

    Change to the FLS installation directory using the command line and run in the command line:

    ./bin/license-server.sh status

    Check the state of Windows service with JetBrains License Service display name in list of available Windows services.

    If FLS is not running start it as described in the instruction.

  • Configured FLS address doesn't match address accessed from web browser. Compare the host of the machine with the host specified in configuration file:

    Make sure that license server address used in the web browser matches http://<listen>:<port> where values of listen and port properties are taken from <fls_home>/conf/service-config.properties.

    Make sure that license server address used in the web browser matches value of base-url property in %programData%\\JetBrains\LicenseService\conf\service-config.properties

    If they don't match, configure host of the machine for usage by FLS.

License server page gives 404


Attempt to access FLS page gives 404 response code after authorization at JetBrains Account.


Re-register FLS with existing FLS entity of your organization's profile.

Account is not authorized


403 not authorized


Your JetBrains Account has no permission to access FLS licenses. Contact us to provide your account with required permissions.

Company is not authorized


Company Not Authorized


Contact us for assistance with authorization of your company's profile.

No licenses are available


No Licenses


To make licenses available for distribution via FLS follow these instructions.

If you didn't find an answer to your question in this documentation, and you require assistance, feel free to contact the JetBrains Support team.

Last modified: 01 September 2021