AppCode 2023.1 Help

Plugins and integrations

Some integrations that are usually available as separate applications are bundled in AppCode or can be downloaded from our plugin repository.

Bundled plugins and integrations

  • CocoaPods manager provides completion for Podfiles, inspects them for outdated packages, and allows installing and updating packages right from the AppCode UI.

  • Database editing functionality is bundled in AppCode and includes all the functionality available in DataGrip, a powerful database IDE also developed by JetBrains.

  • HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, and other languages used in web development are supported on the same level they are in WebStorm, our smart JavaScript IDE.

  • A built-in Rest Client allows testing HTTP requests and writing them as code.

  • A built-in terminal Alt+F12 can be used instead of the system terminal to perform simple tasks.

  • Reveal integration allows you to use Reveal in AppCode by turning on a single option in the Run Configuration.

  • TextMate bundles support allows using TextMate bundles for various languages.

  • Markdown support provides editing features for Markdown files.

  • Shell scripts support provides coding assistance for shell script files.

Free plugins and integrations

  • BashSupport helps you edit bash script files.

  • .ignore helps edit .gitignore files.

  • Docker integration helps edit Dockerfiles and simplifies Docker container management.

  • IdeaVim provides a Vim emulation mode for IntelliJ-based IDEs.

  • File Watchers provide tracking of file changes by file type, and let you run a command-line tool on change.

  • Buck for IDEA can help you run BUCK builds.

  • AppleScript support helps edit and write AppleScript files.

  • ClangFormatIJ can run clang-format on your code.

  • Lua provides full-featured support for Lua, a language frequently used for game scripting.

  • CodeGlance adds a code minimap to the right side of the editor.

Last modified: 21 November 2022